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We contact 360+ fire departments across Canada & log onto 600 websites 3X per week to bring you all the latest information. 


Don’t waste time calling cities that have no intention of recruiting or have lists in place for the next year or two.


Recruit Firefighter tells you which cities are recruiting, plan to recruit, will not recruit.  Focus your energy where it will get results.

Text Box: Fire Interviews—One of the least-prepared for portions of the entire process!  When you get to the Interview stage, you are 90% of the way to realizing your dream.  You’re almost there, but the competition is stiff.

To get you over the last hurdle, we combine insider information on individual cities with proven Fire Interview products and advice on the best resources and agencies to prepare you.  Then we wait, almost as impatiently as you do, to hear “I got the call”!!!  We never get tired of hearing it, because it’s all we work for.
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Text Box: Deciding what courses to take?  We monitor hiring trends, preferred qualifications, and speak with Human Resources, Fire Administrators, College Coordinators, and specialized providers to ensure you choose the courses that count.  Don’t waste time and money taking courses or choosing providers that Fire Departments do not recognize or recommend. 
Text Box: Fitness, Aptitude & Medical Tests—No matter how qualified you are, if you can’t pass the tests, you cannot compete for the position.  No one should have to do the test to find out what it’s about.  We provide detailed information on the tests, agencies, and best resources to help you succeed.  
Text Box: Application Packages—All your time, effort, and money come down to the paperwork you hand in!  Creating strong resumes, applications, and cover letters is our specialty.  For subscribers, we also give free resume critiques (set up and qualifications).
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Text Box: Information Source—Recruit Firefighter brings you the latest, most comprehensive information on every aspect of the process—from the latest courses, information on the newest version of aptitude tests, strategies for passing tests, filling out application forms, completing dynamic resumes, acing interviews, preparing for fitness tests, and more!

Since 1995

Fire-related Jobs Posted = 35
Recruitment Updates Posted = 5
Course Announcements =  4
Other Information Postings = 16
Aptitude & Fitness Test Info = 10
Paramedic Job Postings = 9
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